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Stylish & Colorful PEV Components

Spice up your DIY projects with a custom touch!

"Officially" Coming Soon

These custom Electric Mountainboard Enclosures are a perfect fit for your DIY build! With special features and colors you can choose, pick your perfect setup!


Wanna build a battery for your personal electric vehicle? We've got wide nickel strips and gluing guides to help get you on your battery-building journey.

Use your board battery to directly power these ultra-bright headlights! SEE where you're going, and illuminate risky bumps in the road. In combination with our custom rail-style light mounts, you can have them on your board in minutes!

With an integrated battery, these small lights are the perfect touch to be SEEN on the road. Compatible with the same rail-style truck mounts, these lights can be easily swapped out for charging, transport, or upgrades.

SMOL BEEM Headlights
Coming Soon

These small battery powered tail lights are a nice touch to keep you SEEN from behind on the road. With the ability to increase brightness upon braking, you can add extra awareness to your riding style!