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  • ESC Home (Modern)
  • ESC Home (Modern)
  • ESC Home (Modern)

ESC Home (Modern)

Excluding Sales Tax
Lid Color: Black PETG
Wall Color
Foundation Color: Black

This ESC enclosure is designed to be a stylish, customizable, and affordable option for DIY ESK8 enthusiasts. It is designed to use PG-13.5 cable glands on the rear face for splash/dust resistance. This enclosure can be customized for Regular or Goofy stance, to better align the power input with bindings. The power input port is forward facing, and is intended to be an XT-90. It is recommended to use silicon or glue to secure it into the enclosure for splash/dust resistance. 


Compared to the ESC Home (Industrial), this enclosure is a bit bigger, with a smoother "modern" design, allowing for usage of larger escs like the Spintend Ubox, SKP Solo, dual TB6. If you are using a smaller ESC, this enclosure simply offers more space inside. Additionally, this enclosure supports the InfinitySink open source heatsink, which may be mounted into the lid (select option).  Please note, SKP Solo has not been tested to fit with all wires, user experience may vary.  If modifications are required to fit it properly with wires, I will update the design (BETA).


Please read Baseplate Note for important hardware information (see below)


Please note - some colors represented in the images may not perfectly match the color in real life due to screen differences, renders, and print results. (Pictured is a prototype, final version does not have a warped lid)

  • Supported ESC's:

    MakerX DV6

    MakerX DV4




    Focbox 1.6/7/etc


    InfinitySink (Roof Mount)

    SKP Solo (Roof Mount)

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