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    Enclosure QS System

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    The RBE QS system is an innovative new way to attach your batteries to your electric skateboard, mountainboard, or anything else.


    The QS system is comprised of two major pieces, the dogbone on the mounting surface, and the receiver mechanism on the enclosure/battery side. By combining these two systems, we have the ability to switch batteries out in just a couple of seconds! Unplug, pull, slide.


    So, why do you need a quick release system? There are a couple of different use-cases for this, with the main objective being to give you options for how you operate your electric vehicle.


    With the ability to quickly swap batteries it opens up the door to have multiple batteries for the same board. The ability to carry extra range in your backpack, have a lightweight jumping pack, even have different voltage batteries (you'll have to adjust your ESC settings for this one). For me personally, I have two lightweight jumping packs that are built using Lipo batteries, and one big pack that I use for longer rides. Any of these packs can fit in my backpack and travel with me wherever I want to go.


    This quick release system has been tested for hundreds of miles both on-road, off-road, jumping off curbs, doing 180's, and even been put through failure testing to see how much effort it takes to break it down.

    • The QS system is made up of several materials. The deck interface, or dogbone, is currently printed with Polycarbonate, one of the most resilient 3D printing materials available. In addition, the enclosure interface is also printed out of Polycarbonate. 

      The latches on the system are printed out of PETG since they are not really load bearing, and the whole thing is screwed onto a metal baseplate. The system will come preassembled, and is usually paired with an enclosure. If purchased separately, the user will need to interface with the metal plate to attach it to their enclosure.

    • Before requesting a return or refund, please email with any issues that you may be facing to seek a proper solution.

      If your QS breaks during normal use, some replacement parts may be purchased separately. This product has gone through significant testing, but material changes and improvements will always be considered, so it is important to understand HOW things broke and why. 

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