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  • Cell Home Suburb (Industrial)
  • Cell Home Suburb (Industrial)
  • Cell Home Suburb (Industrial)
  • Cell Home Suburb (Industrial)
  • Cell Home Suburb (Industrial)
  • Cell Home Suburb (Industrial)
SKU: 003

Cell Home Suburb (Industrial)

PriceFrom $150.00
Excluding Sales Tax

This large battery enclosure is designed to hold large liion packs, up to 12s7p with cell holders, or 12s8p with staggered orientation. There is space for a BMS on either the long side, short side, or, on top of the cells. 


The default configuration has provisions for a Loop Key (long side) and one XT-90 Discharge Port (short side). The configuration can be changed according to customer needs, 4WD, goofy / reg, etc.


Almost the entire enclosure is 3D printed, using a combination of PETG, Polycarbonate, and PLA+. You may choose 2WD, with one discharge port, or 4WD with two discharge ports. If you want to pair this with the Big BEEM headlights, it makes a great pair using the 4WD "Walls" with the discharge cable for the lights being routed through the forward-facing discharge hole (example in last photo).


If you choose to route lights out of the forward discharge hole, a TPU Cable routing piece is available for purchase separately. 


The underside of the enclosure has a pattern of 6 mounting points that screw into the QS mechanism, by way of an intermediary metal plate. This plate strengthens the bottom of the enclosure and provides a consistent place for the QS system to interface with. If you select the enclosure without the QS system, it will still be shipped with this strengthening metal plate, that could be bolted permanently to your board, in combination with some "permanent mounting" TPU bumpers, also sold separately. I have not tested this configuration yet, so while it should work in theory, there are no guarantees on enclosure integrity, versus the well-tested QS system. If you're interested in running this enclosure without the QS system, please send an email and we can work something out.


If you choose to run your build with a loop key like I do, select the loop key variant. If you think you might want to use a loop key some time in the future, but aren't sure, select the loop key variant and purchase a "port plug" to fill the void in the wall to keep dust / debris out.

  • Material: PETG / PLA+

    Water Resistance: None officially, but there are TPU gaskets on all interfaces, and if silicone is used inside, it could be made fairly water resistant. Water resistant version may be available in the future.

    Capacity: 12s7p with staggered cell holders, 12s8p with staggered and no cell holders.


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