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  • Cell Home Mini (Industrial)
  • Cell Home Mini (Industrial)
  • Cell Home Mini (Industrial)
  • Cell Home Mini (Industrial)
  • Cell Home Mini (Industrial)
  • Cell Home Mini (Industrial)
SKU: 001

Cell Home Mini (Industrial)

Excluding Sales Tax

This small sized jump pack enclosure is designed around use with Lipos or with small li-ion packs in configurations such as 12s4p or 16s3p. It can fit up to 48 cells with a bms mounted on top of them.


Due to the unique design of this jump pack, the QS mechanism is built into the baseplate. So, included with the purchase of the enclosure are the dogbone & screws used for attachment to the board, along with the related mechanisms to release the enclosure. Several lid versions are available, for different charge port configurations. 


Some users may choose to have an esc that uses a loop key to turn on rather than an antispark or built in switch, and that option may be selected before checkout.

  • This enclosure is made entirely of 3D printed material and 

    The QS base of the enclosure is 3D printed using Polycarbonate, and has many heat-set inserts in it. These inserts are used to fasten the QS system and have plenty of strength for the job.

    The walls of the enclosure are 3D printed using PLA+ in interest of easy-of-printing, and availability of colors. All of the lid options are printed using PETG in interest of heat resistance, since it will be the most sun-exposed component on the enclosure. 


    If you live in an extremely hot environment, it is possible for the PLA+ walls to deflect, if the battery is packed in too tightly. If you anticipate leaving your board in very hot cars or live somewhere regularly above 100F, you may request the walls to be printed out of PETG, which is more heat resistant. Email for more info.


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